Cinderella’s got nothing on me!

About 4 months ago I started a new project.  In my defense when I started this project I didn’t realise it was going to take me 4 months to complete.  

Originally I started with a new pair of shoes


Very practical (aka boring).  Soooooo not the new me I wanted to be this year.  So not owning a bedazzler I started to glue crystals on one at a time. This is about 2 hours worth of work.


About half way through I made a pair for my niece for her birthday.


Normal things got in the way life, work, running out of crystals and glue and having to wait for more to arrive from eBay.

Finally during the last lot of holidays I decided I needed to finish these shoes, toughed it out and put the last hours into completing them.
Nearly done


And finally after 4 months and millions of hours.  I now have a new appreciation for those children who get paid 10c an hour in 3rd world countries to provide clothing for the western world.  I have finished my shoes



So much more me than those boring nude shoes I started with. Honestly I think the boys will just be happy that they won’t have to worry about constantly having black and blue crystals all around the house. ……..Next pair will be red and clear😆

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