My Favourite Things

Yesterday I held a “Favourite Things Exchange” party.   It was a mammoth effort of 5 weeks of planning to get a bunch of friends together to have a great time.


The basic idea in the invitation is that each person who comes chooses a favourite item priced at $6 or less and brings 5 of that item. Each guest also had to identify 2 favourite songs when they rsvp’d and a copy of the recipe for a plate of favourite food they were bringing.

The songs became the play list for the afternoon ( which I made a copy of and gave to all the guests) and I also collated the recipes into a book for each guest.

I wanted to go all out for this party to make it fun and special.  So I decorated the lounge room with a backdrop and table cloths in black and red to match the colours of the invitations.   I also made everyone a personalized “brown paper package bag tied up with string” to take their stuff home in.


There were 9 of us all together and we had a great time.  Far too much food for a bunch of girls,  but there was something everyone liked to eat.

I didn’t take ane photos of the actual party because there was too much fun going on to even think of stopping to take a picture.  I did take a photo of the contents I put into everyone’s gift bag of the play list cd, recipe book and personallised coffee mug I made for everyone with their names on them.


At the actual party I started everyone off with a list of questions about their favourite things like colour, book, movie, scent etc.   We started the party by going through our answers to the questions and getting to know each other better.   Everyone got a point for each question where they got an answer that nobody else had. At the end of the party I asked everyone to add up their highest score and the winners got to take the lollypots center pieces I had made home.


After questions we started on out favourite things exchange.   There were great ideas and things and the stories people told as to why they picked things were more fun than the actual things.  Each person who came wrote there name on 5 pieces of paper before the exchange and everyone put them into a bowl.  We each drew out 5 different names and these names were the recipients of our things. So everyone bought 5 things and got to take 5 different things home with them.

My favourite thing was Pinterest and I had made some modelling chocolate cake toppers from tutorials I found on Pinterest for my favourite thing to exchange.



Other favourite things included:
● Drawing paper and pencils -from an art lover
● Bottled water – a bride to be’s best friend to help her fit into her wedding dress
● Magazines – from a mother who values her breif alone times.
● Flowers in a vase – from a women who’s husband gives her flowers as a way to show he is thinking of her.
● Paua shell jewelry- from someone from New Zealand whose favourite thing is home and the shell reminds her of home.
● Chocolate and tea with tea infuses- from another mother who values her grown up time
● Pink champagne – from one of the bubbliest people I have ever known.

After the gift exchange we sat, talked and ate until everyone drifted back home to their lives.   It was a fantastic afternoon.  I had a ball and valued every minute with some great friends from all areas of my life who gave up some of their valuable time on a Saturday afternoon to hang out with me.

This is my haul that I was lucky enough to receive

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