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The Hair Whisperer.

3 years ago my hair dresser of 10 years left me! To say I was devastated would be an understatement.   I was shattered. 

After all it took me 30 years to find Emily and she was “it”. She did my hair.  She did my son’s hair ( and let me tell you that was no mean feat – he is mr perfect has-to-be-just-right-and-sit-exactly-like this – and – no – pressure-but-i-am-performimg-this-weekend) and she cut my husband’s hair.  It’s all well and good for her to follow the love of her life and take a sea change, but who was going to cut my hair?

After I had an epic breakdown right there in the shop she assured me that she was going to train up her replacement and I wouldn’t even know she wasn’t cutting my hair.  

Well I stuck it out with the first replacement.  And I stuck it out with the second and third replacements.  And I would like to say that none of them were like my Emily.

In fact the last one was so bad that  I had to schedule my appointments on the way home so I could wash and restyle my hair before anyone saw me.  I would have to explain in detail to her how my hair got cut every time I went in – even though I had exactly the same hair cut every time I went in. She put more time and energy into selling the salon products to me than into my actual cut.  One time she convinced me to buy one type of shampoo for $40 and then 4 weeks later she told me I shouldn’t be using that shampoo I should buy another shampoo that they have.

Needless to say in November last year I was over it and began the search for someone else to cut my hair. Actually first I decided I was going to grow out my hair and then in January I decided that I wanted to cut it all off.

Just by chance I happened upon the salon name of an old friend from about 20 years ago.  So in my destination I decided to give her  a go. 

I would just like to say I HAVE FOUND THE HAIR WHISPERER.  This woman is amazing.   Every time I walk out of her salon my hair looks amazing.   One picture I showed her the first time I went and she remembers what I want.  All I have to say is same as last time.  And the great news is I can replicate this amazing style myself!

Ladt Saturday I went and got my hair cut again and she suggested that I part my hair on the other side. WHAT! Ummm for the past 25 years it has always parted left to right and now you want me to go right to left? Excuse me?

Well ok we gave it a go and let me tell you.  WOW! Ok its a little difficult to do the fringe the other way and it takes me twice as long at the moment,  but its got style its got bounce and sits great all day with minimal products.

I guess the difference is between someone who works in a job to earn money and someone who loves their work and is passionate about it.   Now if only I can find a barista who is passionate about their job and can make me the perfect skinny mocha with half strength espresso. …..